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SCHEDULE: Day 2, Thursday Oct 14

Subject to change. All times listed are in Hawaii Standard Time

For speakers' bios, go to Speakers tab.

Times are in Hawaiian Standard Time

DAY 2 OCT. 14

Oct 14 3:00PM–4:00PM · Stage

Doors for Day 2 open

Feel free to explore the expo and connect with fellow participants

Oct 14 4:00PM–5:30PM · Sessions

Sharing Best Practice Policies in Climate Change and Environment Issues

GOVERNANCE: Saving the Earth through Environmental Legislation, Developing Policies for a Green and Sustainable Philippines, Freedom from Fossil Fuels—the Hawaii Strategy, Ocean Dynamics--Its impact on Island Communities.

Oct 14 4:00PM–5:30PM · Sessions

Shared Cultural Heritage of the Philippines and Hawai'i

CULTURAL EXCHANGES: Traditional Pinacbet to Pinacbet Pizza—The Role of Food in Cultural Preservation, Transforming Objects into Cultural Icons, Beauty Pageants—A tool for Cultural Preservation, Filipino Tattoos—Ancient to Modern

Oct 14 4:00PM–5:30PM · Sessions

Dual Citizenship and Retirement in the Philippines—The Rise of Global Citizens and People on the Move

PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE TIES: Living in the Philippines but Keeping Ties with Hawaii—A Retiree’s First Person Account, Role of Hawaii’s Care Home Providers—Transfer of Expertise to Help Develop the Retirement Industry in the Philippines

Copy of Workforce as a Global Commodity— (1).png

Oct 14 4:00PM–5:30PM · Sessions

Trade not Aid: In Praise of Entrepreneurship to Community Development

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Reviving the Inabel, Traditional Textile of the Ilocos, From Pinatubo to Haiyan--Disaster Response and Recovery, the Hawaii-Philippines Experience, Feminist Future in the Post Pandemic Hawaii, Preserving Philippine Living Traditions and Social Entrepreneurship

Oct 14 5:30PM– 6:30 PM · Networking

Stage: Closing Plenary Session

Featuring speakers Luisa A. Igloria, poet laureate and Filipino Maui artist Phil Sabado

Oct 14 6:30 PM– 8 PM · Sessions

Talk Story Tables


Sponsored by the Philippine Retirement Authority & Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu

 Lead Discussant: Taylor Goucher
Sponsored by CONNEXT Global Solutions


Lead by Tim Llena, Dennis Bondocoy, Sheena Bonita, Imelda Gasmen. Sponsored by the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Hawaii (UPAAH)


Marissa Halagao, Lead Discussant

Oct 14 8 PM– 9 PM · Expo

Networking and Expo visit

End of Conference

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